Pitching & Putting – Powerful Personal Production


© Peter Linder 2012 – All Rights Reserved
© Peter Linder 2012 – All Rights Reserved


It is rare that a Masters Golf Tournament features so many Swedes in contention for the final round. And this year there were four: Peter Hanson, Henrik Stenson, Fredrik Jacobson and Bubba Watson. But is this what I enjoyed most about watching this year’s Masters – or was it that I was able to create a truly unique, personalized viewer experience for myself?

This year, for the first time, I was able to view four different channels at once: two featured player groups and two featured parts of the course. I could then choose which screen I wanted to follow, or watch all four screens simultaneously.

Being able to get specific statistics from the dedicated Masters app made the experience complete. Not only did I get access to information about the primary leaderboard, I was also able to receive updates on the progress of the other players I chose to follow. And to me that was really important.

To improve my viewing experience even further, next year I would like to watch the tournament with a more extensive offering of camera angles. This should be possible, given that consumers continue to embrace the shift toward multi-screen and multi-network TV services.

For more than 30 years, innovation has been a part of the production of sports TV. Most significantly, we’ve seen the overlaying of graphics on a live TV signal and the transition to HDTV cameras. And with more and more advanced TVs, tablets and phones, producers will continue to find new ways to hold viewers’ attention – 3DTV, five-channel audio and a range of camera-angle selections are just a few examples.

The multi-platform, multi-screen future is changing the way we interact with our content. Here are some of my predictions about the future of viewing live sports TV:

  1. Users will be given a choice between the main production and the editor’s choice version, while following the game through multiple cameras
  2. Viewers will be able to access additional statistics about the game through a companion screen rather than the main screen
  3. Users will control what appears on the main screen through a tablet that acts as a remote control
  4. The viewing experience will be a blend of the broadcast on the main screen and interactive features on a companion screen
  5. In a few years’ time, golf players will be allowed to have their phones on during tournaments to interact with fans through social media
  6. New business models and advertising options will evolve for the TV experience that we produce ourselves.


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