The Networked Society is Ericsson’s vision for a future where everything that can be connected will be connected. The ideation work started in 2007 with some early sketches about the next big trajectories in the networking industry.

The first Billion households where connected with fixed telephony and broadband services, before we ran out of houses to connect. The first five billion people could be connected with mobile telephone and broadband services, before we ran out of people. The next big thing would be to connect all devices and change society.

Now in 2016 we are starting to see Mobile Broadband reaching saturation in the most advanced markets. The Networked Society is developing rapidly with 5G, Cloud and Internet of Things and Smart Anything as anchor points.

Since the inception of the Networked Society initiative my roles has been to cover 7 angles of development representing my areas of expertise. Articulating and predicting important shifts for Society, Industries, Users, Devices, Video, Networks and Business models.


Peter Linder, is one of the original 7 Ericsson evangelists for the Networked Society. During the first 5 years of the program I have contributed with more than 150 blogs and compilation of major industry trends published every 2 years. My perspectives are shaped by a career of 299 months working in the networking industry. Serving the global markets out of Ericsson’s corporate head quarter and 85 months in North America.   During my career I have invested heavily in post graduate education to evolve my thinking. Taking courses at Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and Columbia University.

I own 40+digital devices, out of which ~10 are normally connected to a network. My interest in innovation stems from my grandfather, who dabbled in home networking in 1929, spent 30 percent of his house construction budget on a gramophone in 1931, and produced 16mm color films when his children grew up in the 1930s.

Contact Information

Email Address: peter.linder@ericsson.com

Twitter: @OneLinders

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