Speaking Schedule


  1. OCTANE Mobile Conference (Innovation series)

March 19 2013


  1. Mobile World Congress- Barcelona 2012

February 2 2012

Connected Living – Exploring New Business Impacts

  1. Akamai Government Forum

November 15 2011

Keynote Speaker on  Networked Society

  1. 4G World in Chicago

October 25 2011

Role of network services in differentiated 4G 

  1. PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show in Dallas

October 10 2011

Keynote on the Networked Society

  1. 6. Telco 2.0 11th Executive Brainstorm

November 9 2010

Net Neutrality, managing its impact on Business models

1 thought on “Speaking Schedule”

  1. Peter i just posted your blog info on my linkedIn account to help get the word out on what we are doing in the space

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