When I think about that statement, I see our future, a future that includes  a web of interconnected devices. I see the possibilities of having digital identity cards. I see houses with connected home platforms that operates wirelessly. I see facial recognition used for granting access to office buildings.

With all these future possibilities, my thoughts are centered around the business models that will support such an ever-evolving society.This blog will post my predictions about the future of a connected society and new open business models that can support such a future.

So, come join me on a ride into the future of connectivity!


Peter Linder, Head of Network Solutions, is responsible for Ericsson’s network strategy in North America. He is also one of Ericsson’s Evangelist.  When talking about a connected future, Linder likes to blend personal reflections with global perspectives. These are perspective that he has accumulated from his extensive travels across the globe. He is passionate about articulating and visualizing the future of Networked Society. His signature communication method is his black and white visuals along with interesting  anecdotes  that ties into relatable aspects of life .

Peter possesses 28 digital devices, seven of which are normally connected to a network. His interest in innovation stems from his grandfather, who dabbled in home networking in 1929, spent 30 percent of his house construction budget on a gramophone in 1931, and produced 16mm color films of his children in the 1930s.

Contact Information

Email Address: peter.linder@ericsson.com

Twitter: @OneLinders